Cross Country & Water Complex

The water complex has been constructed at the bottom of the woods making use of the natural tree cover and banks to create a interesting obstacle with many options, helping the novice and challenging the more experienced.

The XCC (Cross Country Course) has been professionally designed and built. We have three courses 2ft, 2ft 10"and 3ft 3". Hunter trials are held through the summer and the courses ride well.

All three courses run across fields and then into woodland giving a varied and challenging ride.

Gallops (Surfaced with fibre sand)

These are 3 metres wide and 4.5 furlongs in length. There is a 2 furlong loop at the start, which is useful for warming up before completing the 2.5 furlongs, which rise steadily by 200ft. The loop can be used on its own without using the hill part of the gallop. Once at the top of the hill the fibre sand finishes and the track is stoned and leads to back through the woodland and back to the centre.

Cross Country Map

Our overview map below shows the general layout of our cross country route. Some of our jumps have small video clip available for viewing which are indicated by the red circle. Click each circle for a short clip.

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