We have 91 stables built in the American Barn style. Nearly all are at least 12 x 12 and are built within two large airy sheds. Access is from either end of the buildings with wide passages in between the rows of stables.

Indoor Arena

This building has been specifically built as an indoor arena. It is 43 metres long and 31 metres wide or 140ft x 100ft. The floor surface is fibre sand, which is an ideal surface for schooling, dressage or jumping. A sprinkler system has been installed to keep the surface at the required moisture level and to minimise any dust.

This school is used by the yard in general; Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs and individuals are able to hire the school at certain times. Competitions are held both by ourselves and through hire to others.

Round Pen

A 20 metre circular pen with solid wooden sides and a fibre sand surface gives good grip when circling, Natural Horsemanship becoming popular and training in circular pens gives constant eye contact with the horse.

Horse Walker

A roofed 5 horse stall Monarch horse walker equipped with rubber-padded floor and rubber lined walls for the protection of the horse.

Outdoor Ménage

Ménage is 40 by 20 metres - normal dressage size.

  • Post and rail sides
  • Fibre sand surface
  • Floodlit
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